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HairFree is ranked the best hair removal method for transgender people

Transgender hair removal essentials

Hair removal tips and tricks for transgender people, crossdressers and transsexuals

transgender hair removal
Transgender hair removal is an important part of the transition process and should be approached from a long-term point of view to avoiding having to repeat any treatments.
Nicola Espinosa is a writer focusing on health, family, relationship and sexual health matters.
Nicola Espinosa is a writer focusing on health, family, relationship and sexual health matters.

For many transgender women completing their mtf transition, androgen-fuelled terminal hair is one of their biggest concerns. While many hormone replacement therapies will work to decrease new hair growth, these methods are often not enough to get rid of thick beards, chest hair or leg hair. Here are some transgender hair removal tips and tricks for those that want to achieve the coveted hairless look.


Slow but effective, electrolysis is a process which permanently removes hair by applying a small jolt of electricity down the strand, which destroys the hair’s growth tissue and prevents it from growing back. The method is very effective when kept up over a period of years – but many trans women desire faster effects that will see them achieving the desired feminine appearance much faster. Electrolysis is also expensive and can be quite painful.

Laser hair removal

The trans community is divided on the subject of laser hair removal – some have wonderful experiences with the method, while some experience no results at all! The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the method for ‘hair reduction’ rather than full hair elimination, and it’s important for those seeking permanent transgender hair removal to bear in mind that laser hair removal has different results from person-to-person.


Of course, shaving is one of the quickest fixes out there, and it’s great for keeping leg hair and underarm hair in check. But when it comes to facial hair and pubic hair, most transgender women want to move away from the stubbly sensation that shaving can create. Shaving especially thick hairs like those found in male beards can also lead to shaving rashes and unpleasant bumps.

HairFree Hair Removal

Budget-friendly, painless, fast and effective, Hairfree Hair Removal cream covers all bases effectively. The simple cream can be applied anywhere on the body and immediately gets to work dissolving the protein in the hairs found there, as well as putting the follicle to rest to ensure it can’t grow any more hairs in the future. One of the best drag queen hair removal options, Hairfree doesn’t leave behind any stubble – in fact, hairs grow in lighter and sparser after the first treatment! The method is also much faster than electrolysis or laser hair removal – it takes around 8 weeks to complete a full course, and by that time many of the follicles will have been totally neutralized!

How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair Cheaply for Trans Women

During the transition process hair removal is one of the trickiest problems to overcome.  Hairfree makes that process easier – and cheaper.

Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

Trans women universally have a problem that is often difficult to address particularly if finances are an issue too. The time honoured way of removing unwanted body hair and achieving a more feminine body has been to go long sessions of electrolysis, along with hormone replacement therapies. This can be extremely costly, not to mention painful and in many cases causes unwanted scarring because of the amount of hair that needs to be removed.

“It is a big, serious and responsible step for me. I had enough time to think things through and make the right decision. I made it deliberately”. Ukrainian singer Boris April.

The key to finding a way to stop hair growth in a way that is less invasive and cheaper to afford has been the development of a new permanent hair removal cream. In the past, these lotions have been used to remove body hair by dissolving it above the skin. The trouble with this is that it acts just like shaving in the most part, leaving the root untouched and therefore still able to grow.

transgender hair removal

Transgender hair removal

Hair Free Cream for Trans Women

To stop hair growth permanently, including for trans women who are in the process of transitioning, a hair follicle cream called Hair Free has been developed which not only dissolves the hair above the skin level but also penetrates down to the base of the follicle, weakening it over time and ensuring that regrowth takes place more slowly and eventually stops.

Andrej Pejic rose to fame after being discovered by Carine Roitfeld, who put her in French Vogue. Since, she’s been pushing the envelope rising to star status, modeling men and women’s clothing for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, and Alexander McQueen.

This is a positive development for trans women across the world who are often hampered in their transition because of the cost. This can lead to many taking cheaper and more dangerous opportunities especially in the undeveloped areas of the globe where standards and ethics are not so high. By applying this simple skin cream to their bodies, trans women can now use one of the world’s best hair removal methods at a fraction of the price that treatments such as electrolysis cost.

The Hair Removal Cream that Works on Beards

The great news is that this permanent hair removal cream works on all types of hair and can help remove that tell-tale sign of that five o’clock shadow. It means also that many trans women can prepare for their transitions more quickly without having to wear heavy makeup and shave every morning before they face the world. This is an important part of transitioning and can give MtoF transsexuals more confidence and help them cope with the challenges they face more easily.

For many trans women, the notion of having a hair free jawline is important, not because they want to look more feminine but because it confirms their transition away from the male identity. Painful electrolysis involves treating each individual hair follicle with a needle charged with electricity and this can take months if not years of repeated treatments to complete. Changing to a permanent hair removal cream can make all the difference particularly when it is combined with hormone replacement therapy that naturally reduces hair growth.

Hair removal products that work for trans women have been thin on the ground for a long time, and it’s good to see Hair Free Cream coming onto the market. Many trans women are beginning to use it without looking at painful options such as waxing or the more expensive option of electrolysis and are also seeing astounding results. For them, it is a life changing experience and just one more hurdle out of the way as they transition to their new, and happier life.

Transgender Hair Removal Made Easy

transgender hair removal
Transgender hair removal is an important part of your transition and should be approached with a long-term viewpoint.
Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

transgender hair removal

Transgender hair removal is one of the most difficult problems to overcome if you want to achieve smooth feminine skin without five o’clock shadow or bristly regrowth coming through.

Having silky smooth skin can make a gal feel fresh, clean and just really girly! No stubble, no hairs and no expected regrowth can really boost your femininity. That’s what trans hair removal is all about.

New Hairfree offers a solution to this problem by gradually eliminating new hair regrowth over a four to six-week period. HairFree first of all dissolves surface hair and then treats the root to stop new hair growing.


If you’re a shemale, a crossdresser or a drag queen or anybody else who likes to wear a skirt once in a while, then read on to discover how you can enjoy being hair free.

First off, whichever hair removal method you use, remember that it’s essential to keep your skin well moisturised. Then once the hair has been removed, you’ll look at your glowing best. Aloe vera is a popular and very effective application to use on the face and the body. It’s also very soothing if you’ve caught the sun too. But transsexual hair removal should not be undertaken if you have been in the sun for too long and your skin has gone to a sensitive red.

If you’ve got just a few hairs that you want to lose, for trans hair removal you might opt for tweezing. It’s a little painful, but not as bad as waxing as you can control the amount of pain that you have to go through and when. If you add moisturiser cream to the area that you want to tweeze first then it will soften up the skin and make each hair easier to remove.

If you’re looking for shemale hair removal for a longer term solution to your transgender hair removal needs then HairFree has become the preferred solution for air removal amongst the transgender community.

This unique hair removal cream deals with two problems at once by dissolving surface hair and then penetrating the skin to shrink the root with its unique ingredient GSF 2.0 (Growth Shield Factor 2.0) which provides ultra-long periods without hair growth.

Hairfree provides total coverage and can treat all areas of unwanted hair growth. If you’re looking for an effective transvestite hair removal solution and have been recently suffering from excessive body hair, then you’ll know that it’s not the most comfortable situation to be in, unless of course it’s something that suits your look.  HairFree has been tested and proven safe and effective for removing . . .

Hair on your face – this is a tough one – but Hairfree is up to the task if you have the patience to continue with applying HairFree for six weeks or perhaps longer in the case of dark, thick, Androgen-driven hair.

Hair on your stomach – hair around the tummy button area, leading down the pubic area can be very unsightly – especially with today’s fashion of short tops.

Hair on your chest – hair on the chest between the breasts is not going to be something that you want to show off on the beach either.

Hair on your back and neck – this can be a real giveaway and not easy to clear using conventional hair removal creams or even laser treatment.

Hair on your ears – who needs this! It’s not just old men who can get hairy around the ears. Not easy to remove, due to not being able to see into the mirror whilst plucking, the ears can benefit from the application of HairFree.

Hair on your toes – sexy summer sandals aren’t quite so pretty with hairy toes sticking out the front of them.  Any thought of transgender hair removal should also include toes. Toes can be easily shaved, but you’ll need to check that you don’t have any hot dates in your diary. A stubbly toe being dragged across a leg isn’t such a nice experience for a man or a woman when you’re having a romantic moment or two.

Hair on your bikini area – let’s face it, sex is better with no pubic hair so go for transgender hair removal. It’s more sensitive and satisfying. If your pubic hair reaches over to your hips and past them, and half way down your leg then you’ve got a problem. Or at least when you go swimming. Most swimming outfits are not designed to cover such areas and you’ll have to do some fast work with a hair removal method of some type unless you can find something to wear from the Victorian ages!

Hair on your legs – most people get some hair growth on their legs, but getting excessive hair that sticks through tights and has to be continually monitored in case it gets out of hand isn’t much fun.

Hair on your arms  – get rid of it quickly and easily with HairFree. Don’t let this giveaway spoil your looks.

Transgender hair removal and that includes transvestite hair removal, has never been easier than with new HairFree – a safe and highly effective cream that is easy to apply and the results are permanent.

5 Transgender Hair Removal Do’s and Dont’s

transgender hair removal

When deciding to embark upon total transgender hair removal it is important to do it correctly and to avoid the hidden pitfalls. Here are 5 do’s and dont’s to help you.

Nicola Espinosa is a writer focusing on health, family, relationship and sexual health matters.
Nicola Espinosa is a writer focusing on health, family, relationship and sexual health matters.

The following is a list of Five Popular Transgender Hair Removal Do’s and Dont’s which can make or break your hair removal ambitions.

1 – Do treat ingrown hairs in the right way

Good cleansing and exfoliating can help prevent new ingrown hairs, but what do you do about existing ingrown hairs? Do not shave over ingrown hairs or pick at them with a needle. You might create an infection which could lead to scarring. Hairfree can be successfully used to treat ingrown hairs. Instead, try Hairfree for full and effective hair removal for transgender people.

2 – Exfoliating can also cause ingrown hairs

All forms of hairremoval can cause ingrown hairs, especially in the beard, chest, and pubic areas. When carrying out transgender hair removal you must get this one right. Exfoliate your skin every day or at least 2-3 times per week so you can eliminate dead skin cells that trap the hair under your skin and cause ingrown hairs.

3 – Make sure you moisturise daily

Dry skin is another cause of ingrown hairs, so it’s important to always keep your skin moisturized. The best moisturizer to use immediately after hair removal is pure aloe vera gel. Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer and skin soother. Perfumed lotions can irritate freshly shaved, waxed, or lasered skin, so avoid them for the first 24 hours.

4 – DIY transgender hair removal

Professional waxing, electrolysis, and laser hair removal treatments are costly, so you might be tempted to do it yourself at home. Laser  hair removal at home for trans people is usually not successful as the devices are not as powerful as those used in a salon.

When it comes to transgender waxing at home be sure not to wax over the same area twice, pulling the hairs in different directions, or too hard. This can lead to rashes, bruises, and torn skin which is not the look you are trying to achieve! If you want to do it yourself get a couple professional waxing treatments first of all so you can see how its done.

5 – Don’t go for cheap remedies

When deciding which laser clinic to use ask beforehand if they specialise in transgender hair removal. Don’t let price be your deciding factor but go for the salon or clinic with best experience. Chasing on price alone could leave you with burns or scars. Make sure you double check the qualifications of the beautician and read the reviews on any place you are considering.

Last but not least, whichever method you decide is best for your full body transgender hair removal, take a look at the new Hairfree Transgender Hair Removal Pack.

This is a quick and easy home method which produces results every bit as good as expensive IPL laser hair removal. The results are long-lasting and the cost is a fraction of what you would pay in a salon or beauty clinic.