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A great source of information on all aspects of hair removal. Read news, reviews and tips about unwanted hair, hair removal and skin care for men and women.

  1. Facial hair removal for transgender

    Facial Hair Removal For Transgender Individuals

      Facial hair removal for transgender individuals is one of the first areas that MTF transitioners want to address. While some transgender folk have incorporated their beard and moustache into their style, we know that when many people begin transitioning, most transgender individuals want to get rid of unwanted hair and it becomes a top…

  2. transgender shaving tips

    Hair Removal Tips And Tricks For Transgender People, Crossdressers And Transsexuals

      Handling unwanted hair can be a big challenge for transgender females. There are several hormonal changes that they go through. While hormone therapy and time can set things right, some may need extra care. Even hormone therapy can not handle thick beard, leg, and chest hair. But that’s no reason to follow your heart…

  3. How to Remove Unwanted Body Hair Cheaply for Trans Women

    During the transition process hair removal is one of the trickiest problems to overcome.  Hairfree makes that process easier – and cheaper. Trans women universally have a problem that is often difficult to address particularly if finances are an issue too. The time honoured way of removing unwanted body hair and achieving a more feminine…