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  1. How And Why Trans-woman Gets Rid Of Unwanted Hair?

    How And Why Trans-woman Gets Rid Of Unwanted Hair?

    There is one thing consistent all across your body, i.e., body hair. Although everyone’s genetic capacity for hair growth greatly varies, most people tend to read a lot into your hair and the potential impact they have on your perceived persona.   Hair is a highly gendered biological structure. Hence, its presence in different styles…

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  2. Remove Your Beard Permanently with Hairfree

      If you’re seriously considering get rid of facial hair, you are not the first man to think about it, and certainly not the last. Constant shaving and the consequences that come with it have many men considering getting rid of facial hair once and for all. Shaving becomes a struggle when you have to…

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  3. Hairfree Is the New Permanent – And It’s Here to Stay

      Hairfree hair remover is a whole product line of hair removal creams that cater to people of all genders. The human body has various hair types. The hair on your scalp, face, body and private areas are all hair with different textures, characteristics, growth and roots. This is why hair removal creams have to…

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  4. Hair Removal Tips And Tricks For Transgender People, Crossdressers And Transsexuals

                      Handling unwanted hair can be a big challenge for transgender females. There are several hormonal changes that they go through. While hormone therapy and time can set things right, some may need extra care. Even hormone therapy can not handle thick beard, leg, and chest hair….

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