Are you looking for the best hair removal cream for private or intimate parts? Then you’ve come to the right place. Intimate hair removal is a part of general human hygiene. A lot of men and women like to keep their private parts clean and hair-free. Having hairy intimate parts can lead to a strong body odour, mostly because all types of hair trap sweat, oil and bacteria. This happens because intimate hair doesn’t get exposed to as much air as other parts of the human body hair. While there are several advantages to having hair on intimate parts of your body, a lot of people prefer keeping them clean.


There are multiple ways to get rid of hair on your private parts. Some people prefer shaving this hair, which is an easy-to-do solution because it isn’t very time-consuming. However, shaving on private parts carries some risk of getting hurt. Due to the soft skin mostly on these body parts, and the irregular shape, shaving also leaves behind deep cuts and bruises. Painful in itself as it is, it also becomes a nuisance while conducting normal everyday tasks. This is why some people avoid shaving these parts.


Waxing is another way to get rid of hair on your private parts. Waxing has better end results than shaving. Shaving, if done along the direction of the hair growth, still leaves behind microscopic size hair above the skin. This leaves behind a rugged surface, which often becomes itchy in the private parts. However, waxing completely removes all the hair above the surface and the result is a soft and silky skin surface. This is why most women prefer waxing their private parts rather than shaving. But waxing has its own complications. For those who are new to the concept, waxing is a very painful process. To pluck hair out of its roots takes some effort in doing, and the process becomes very painful and tough. Men, who have a more aggressive hair growth on their body and intimate parts find it much more painful than women to get their body parts waxed, especially their private parts.

What To Do?

We’ve come up with a solution for hair removal on your intimate parts that is pain-free and has a long-term effect as well. Shaving and waxing do not have permanent results. The hair tends to grow back eventually. Hairfree is the solution that you’re looking for. It is a simple hair removal cream, but with a genetically engineered formula. Most hair removal creams kill the hair that is only above the surface. Hairfree goes below the skin surface, and kills the hair beneath it as well. The root is shrunk by limiting the reach of vital nutrients to it. Once the root starts shrinking, it eventually dies out and hair regrowth is limited. It is similar to what happens in male pattern baldness.

Why Carefree with Hairfree?

Hairfree is a simple wipe on-and-off cream. It is easy to apply and can be simply done at home without anyone’s help. Hairfree is free from any side effects and has long-term permanent results unlike laser hair removal. It is also a painless procedure, unlike electrolysis which is a very long procedure and severely painful. And unlike other creams, Hairfree really does kill the hair completely, rather than only the hair above the surface.