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Key facts about bodybuilding hair removal

 Key facts about bodybuilding hair removal and why it’s important for bodybuilders to have Hairfree skin

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A recent survey by a leading cosmetic development company has revealed that 87% of men would prefer to have less body hair than they actually have.

Brian Alderson is a writer and blogger on fitness and health and skin care matters for men.

Brian Alderson is a writer and blogger on fitness and health and skin care matters for men.

Interviews conducted amongst gym members at four clubs in Sydney, Australia, who regularly workout, have shown a majority of men prefer smooth hair-free skin.

‘If you spend months in the gym lifting weights, working out, sweating buckets to get a great-looking physique you want to show off your body, not your fur!’, says gym instructor Sean Williams.  ‘My clients want to send the right message which says, “Hey! I care about the way I look and I’m not afraid to put the work in to achieve it”.  ‘For them everything counts, they don’t want to spoil the effect by too much hair’.

‘In my opinion they’re right. A good looking physique is spoilt by a hairy chest or back, or even worse, a hairy neck. Stubble on the face looks good, but not on the back, no! said Sean.

But men have fewer options for getting rid of excessive body hair than women.  Women can shave, depilate, wax, pluck, and go all the way with laser hair removal.

For men with large areas of hair on their back or chest the only effective route has been laser hair removal – time-consuming, painful and expensive.

But now there’s an alternative – a shortcut for men who want to permanently get rid of excessive body hair.

Thanks to recent developments by scientists at a Japanese biotech company a new hair remover has been developed which ‘re-programs’ hair roots to stop growing.  Recently launched under the name of Hairfree, the new product which is a topically applied cream, kills the hair root and stops further growth for up to 18 months, according to data supplied by the company.

Hairfree uses an advanced formula to dissolve surface hair and neutralise the hair root to stop hair growth.  It’s a simple concept. Once the cells are isolated in the matrix bulb of the hair root which control the growth cycle, the root behaviour can be modified.

There are three distinct phases of hair growth: Anagen, the growing phase; Catagen, the transitional phase; and Telogen, the resting phase.  ‘By isolating the cells in the growing phase’, said Dr Shibata, ‘We have been able to neutralize the hair root and stop it growing hair.

This hairremoval development is set to revolutionize the business of hair removal by providing a cheap and easy alternative to existing methods such as laser hair removal and waxing.