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Bikini Hair Removal

To be smooth and hair-free in this most intimate part of your body gives a woman a feeling of freedom and liberation which is sometimes difficult to put into words. But probably most would agree that: it looks better, i.e, sexier; it feels better, i.e, sexier. Psychologically, it puts you in a great position. Like a plane about to take off. With the sheer confidence boost you get it gives you an advantage over your partner which says, “I mean business and I’m taking this seriously”.
Now there is a new way to carry out bikini hair removal
So, having made the decision, you now have to carry out the task in the most efficient way. Luckily, you have stumbled into the best place to help you carry out this job. That’s because Hairfree Intimate Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor is an entirely new approach to the job of getting rid of pubic hair. It’s a hair removal cream for private parts that is formulated for sensitive skin and the delicate areas around your vagina. The advantages are numerous. It’s also the cheapest permanent option that works. But first let’s run through the alternatives.
If you really want to shave your pubic hair this is the downside
Most women reach for the razor. It’s cheap and quick but you run the risk of cutting yourself. But worst of all, the hair grows back and you have to endure days of hard stubbly hair growth that turns your hitherto smooth vagina into a field of thorns.

Unlike most of the old fashioned methods available Hairfree gives you stubble-free skin. That’s because the hair is dissolves below the surface of the skin and softens emerging new hair strands.
You could try a Brazilian wax and pay to be tortured
Then there is bikini waxing or Brazilian wax. This solution involves visiting a salon and having your pubic hair ripped out by a complete stranger and being presented with a bill for about $80. It’s agonising, it’s intimidating it’s expensive and the hair grows back in a couple of weeks.
Hair removal cream for private parts is a short-term measure
You could try a depilatory hair removal cream which gets rid of surface hair, is messy, itchy and is like declaring chemical warfare on your private parts. And, of course, the hair grows back before your very eyes.
IPL laser hair removal for pubic hair is expensive
Or, for those with deep pockets who don’t care about cost, IPL laser hairremoval or electrolysis is always an option. These are more permanent but involves multiple visits to a salon or clinic and will clean you out of your hard-earned funds which could be usefully used to enjoy yourself. the results are not guaranteed as you can read in customer reviews.
Consider these options against new Hairfree Intimate Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor. This is a simple wipe-on-wipe-off hair follicle cream which dissolves hair above and below the skin and then treats the hair root to stop new hair growth. The treatment is quick and easy and can be carried out by you alone at home giving you an advantage over other hair removal products. Hairfree contains a unique ingredient GSF2:0 which attacks the matrix bulb of the hair root – the place where new hair growth starts. It starves the root of vital nutrients necessary for hair growth. The effect is similar to the onset of male pattern baldness. Your privates literally go bald.
Female pubic hair removal with Hairfree is safe and painless
Hairfree attacks the hair root at the anagen phase of the growth cycle. That means you need to apply the cream once a week for a period of six to eight weeks to catch all hairs in the growth cycle and to achieve permanent hair reduction. That’s one reason why it is also the best way to get rid of ingrown pubic hair.
Each time you use the cream less and less hair will grow back until you are left with a smooth hair-free vagina that will enchant your partner by its sheer softness and smoothness and lack of sprouting hair. But best of all, through Hairfree hair root bio-engineering, you achieve long-term hair removal just like IPL laser treatment – without the cost! Go bare down there and get him coming back for more!

How to use Hairfree Intimate Hair Remover