If you’re looking for the best bikini hair removal method go for low pain, low cost, go for Hairfree!

Which is the best pubic hair removal method for you? Hair Free Hair Remover

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Which is the best pubic hair removal method for you? Hair Free Hair Remover

Pubic Hair Removal Cream

More and more men and women are preferring to go ‘bare down there’. When deciding to do bikini line hair removal and male genital hair removal you need to carefully decide which method to use, i.e. which method best suits your needs and your budget.

Hairfree offers a number advantages over other hair removal methods, the main one being that it removes hair for a longer period, i.e. up to two years. Also hair grows back thinner and softer and you don’t get those horrible prickly stubble regrowths.

But let’s look at all the available options, give you the facts, and let you decide which is the best pubic hair removal method for you.

Most people want their pubic hair to be contained to an area somewhat smaller than the bikini area, and many of us want none of the stuff at all. But pubic hair removal can be a hair raising adventure. It seems like every method of removal is more dangerous or uncomfortable than the last. That is, until you find out about HairFree, a permanent hair removal cream.


Shaving is usually the first attempt at bikini line hair removal, and it almost always ends poorly. Not only is it simply difficult to shave that area to begin with, but it leaves behind bumps that are just as unsightly as the hair that you’ve removed. Then, you’re plagued by itching as the hair regrows, and you have to start all over again.

Laser treatments

When it comes to bikini area hair removal effectiveness, most people who have tried it review it favorably. When it comes to pain and cost, however, the reviews are a lot more critical.
A Brazilian bikini laser hair removal procedure can end up costing thousands of dollars, and it’s difficult to determine the cost ahead of time because it requires multiple sessions. At around $400 per session, that adds up quickly, and you have to keep going back repeatedly as the hair regrows. Most people think that laser hair removal bikini costs just aren’t worth it, and certainly not when the painfulness of the procedure is factored in.
Oh, and if you have a dark complexion or blonde pubic hair, laser hair removal won’t work on you at all!


Cheaper than laser treatments, and less itchy than shaving, waxing seems like it would be a great option. But there are some hidden issues that people don’t realize. The first is that hair must be a minimum length to be waxed, which means you have to grow it out between waxes. Then, there’s the fact that it hurts!

HairFree hair remover

If you’re looking for low pain and low-cost HairFree hair remover is the best pubic hair removal cream out there. Here’s why. First, it’s a gentle depilatory that is painless and harmless, even on sensitive skin. Second, by using it weekly for a month to a month and a half, you’ll find that your pubic hair doesn’t regrow at all. That’s right, not only is it painless and thorough, it’s also permanent. And it costs far, far less than laser treatments.