How Indian Men Can Achieve Permanent Hair Removal Hair Free Hair Remover


How Indian Men Can Achieve Permanent Hair Removal Hair Free Hair Remover

Brian Alderson is a writer and blogger on fitness and health and skincare matters for men.

Gone are the days when only women would go for hair removal services. In recent times, men are also seen to be jumping on the bandwagon, as they prefer smooth, hair-free skin over rough and hairy skin. Being a man, it is already pretty challenging to get rid of the body hair as the hair growth is a lot more as compared to female bodies. Male bodies require unique products and services on a regular basis to keep the skin hair-free. This situation takes a giant leap if the men are brown or dark-skinned. We all know how dark men are famous for extra hair growth with much coarser and thicker hair on their bodies. As an Indian man, it must be quite a challenge for you to deal with body hair. To make your situation more manageable, we bring you easy solutions for your body’s hair-related problems. Now you can quickly get rid of unwanted hair from your face, back, neck, legs, chest, and in fact, anywhere on the body, even if you have thicker and stronger hair.


We will discuss two primary methods for body hair removal:

1.IPL Laser Treatment

IPL laser treatment uses Intense Pulsed Light technology for hair removal. It differs from regular hair removal in several ways. IPL uses a spectrum of light with many different wavelengths. Whereas, a laser uses a monochromatic coherent light source.

IPL treatment is a popular hair removal process and requires around six to eight treatments to obtain a complete hair removal in the targeted areas. However, the number of sittings may vary according to your skin type, colour, and intensity of hair growth. The use of IPL is limited in the sense that it cannot cater to all types of skin. However, certain modifications and newer technologies can prove to be much more helpful than IPL laser treatment. The treatment is not only expensive but also requires consecutive visits to the salon to achieve adequate results.

2.Hairfree Permanent Hair Removal Cream

As an alternative to laser treatment and other hair removal methods, Hairfree brings you the best permanent body hair removal cream for men.

It is a DIY method and does not require any visits to the salon, which can help you neutralize roots to prevent hair growth. It is a quick and easy hair removal process that you can easily do yourself. We will give you an easy step-by-step guide, which you can follow for effective hair removal on the chest and neck.

  1. Apply a thin layer of HairFree on the hairy area
  2. Wait for a couple of minutes
  3. This will allow the cream to melt surface hair and penetrate deep down to neutralize the roots
  4. Scrape off the cream with the provided spatula
  5. Wipe with a clean cloth
  6. Rinse with cold water
  7. Repeat this process every week for a month to give yourself permanent hair removal

Our product is manufactured in a way that it reacts with darker skin shades. Refer to a skin tone scale, and if you fall between category 1,2,3, then the treatment will perform well within four treatments. If you fall into 4,5,6 categories, it will ultimately work for you. However, unlike the usual four, you will require at least six weekly treatments.

For permanent hair removal, which is effective and does not require much effort, HairFree is the best choice for you. Our formula ensures the users get rid of body hair for an extended period of time. Most hair removal treatments do not usually work for dark-skinned individuals, but this is not the case with us. For us, every skin type deserves a similar type of treatment. Hence, we make sure to cater to everyone’s needs regardless of their hair type or skin color. For all your hair removal issues, HairFree is here for the rescue. Our customers have always been satisfied with our products, and now we are here to make hair removal easy and accessible for Indian men.