Unlike other hair removal creams Hairfree treats hair roots to give you long-term hair removal as can be seen in these before and after photos

At Hairfree we are proud to have helped thousands of customers solve their unwanted hair problems. We regularly receive before and after photos from satisfied customers. Here is a small selection.

Hairfree for Men
Before and After photos

Chest hair

chest hair removalchest hair removal
“It’s the best product I’ve found so far for hair removal”

Customer: B.K. from Baltimore..

Beard hair

permanent beard hair removalpermanent beard hair removal
“This has reduced my beard hair very successfully”

Customer: A. B. from Dubai, UAE.

Back & Shoulder

back hair removalback hair removal
“My back is now clear of hair thanks to your product”

Customer: A. M. from Boston..

Beard Hair

permanent beard hair removalbeard hair removal
“This has reduced the density of hair on my beard-thanks”

Customer: G. K. from Glasgow..

Neck Hair

neck hair removalneck hair removal
“This has been very effective getting rid of the hair on my neck”

Customer: Z. H. from Riyadh..

Dark Chest Hair

chest hair removalchest hair removal
“I hated my chest hair but your product got rid of it”

Customer: J.P. from Fort Worth..

Hairfree for Women
Before and After photos


permanent underarm hair removalpermanent underarm hair removal
“Hairfree has worked well on my underarms”

Customer: J. L. from Wellington, NZ.

Lady Moustache

facial hair removalfacial hair removal
“This was easier and cheaper than going to the salon - thanks”

Customer: V. B. from Sacramento..

Cheek Hair

facial hair removalfacial hair removal
“I’m amazed it’s cleared the dark hair on my cheeks”

Customer: M. C. from Boise..

Bikini Hair

bikini hair removal photobikini hair removal photo
“Now I don’t have to get bikini waxed again, thank God!”

Customer: M. G. from York..

Leg Hair

back hair removalback hair removal
“Your product worked great on my legs. Thank you!”

Customer: G. C. from Toronto..

Upper Lip Hair

facial hair removalfacial hair removal
“Thank you so much for inventing such a wonderful product”

Customer: C. W. from Wichita, Kansas..

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