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Please note: Results vary from user to user depending on hair thickness, hair density and hair color. If you have thick, dark hair you may need to use more HairFree than if you have thinner, lighter hair.

Welcome to our photo gallery of HairFree before and after pictures.

All the photos here are from real customers who have contacted us after achieving success with HairFree. These photos have not been taken professionally but have been taken by customers at home, at our request, to show the results of using HairFree. Photos have been taken at varying times from three months after use, to 24 months after use. They show the long-term effects of the product in terms of restricting future hair growth. We have customers in more than 45 countries around the world and who have safely eliminated hair growth from every shade of skin and hair color. In these photos you can see the dramatic results which are replicated numerous times with thousands of users. Areas of the body such as face, underarms, bikini, legs, backs and chests respond really well and quickly. We encourage you to try HairFree to solve your unwanted hair problems. Visit other areas of this site to see how HairFree works and also read written testimonials which we receive every day from satisfied users.

Get rid of underarm hair – permanently

B&A1un derarms Continual removal of underarm hair is one of the most tedious jobs in the beauty regime. Underarm hair grows faster and thicker than facial and leg hair.

Reduce excessive back hair – permanently

B&A5backProfuse back hair growth is one of the most common hair removal problems we are asked to solve. HairFree is an effective remedy but you may ned help to reach all parts of the back.

Get a stubble-free bikini line – permanently

B&A3bikini HairFree can be used to safely remove pubic hair as long as it does not come into contact with sensitive membrane areas. HairFree eliminates uncomfortable prickly regrowth and leaves you with touchably smooth skin and no stray hairs.

Eliminate facial hair – permanently

B&A6face Use HairFree to obtain permanent smooth facial skin. Mustache hair which has grown stronger and thicker through years of shaving can be eliminated as well as soft downy “peach-fuzz” hair.

Get smooth hair-free legs – permanently

B&A2malelegsAvoid stubbly hair on your legs and the inevitable razor nicks. HairFree will remove leg hair and stop further growth, usually after 4 – 5 applications at the rate of one per week.

Get rid of excessive arm hair – permanently

B&A4arm You no longer have to live with dark profuse hair growth on the forearm. This was previously treated by laser hair removal. HairFree is highly effective for removing dark forearm hair and preventing future growth which spoils your looks.   Buy now banner