Introducing a revolutionary new men’s hair removal product formulated to get rid of tough androgen-driven male facial hair

Do you want to get rid of your beard hair? Would you like to learn how to stop shaving? Do you need to get rid of tough, men’s facial hair?

If you are bothered by having too much beard hair and are searching for a men’s hair removal method which will bring you a smooth hairless complexion free from stubble you should consider the Hairfree System.

Some men suffer from thick androgen-driven facial hair which spoils their looks and is difficult to remove with daily shaving. This casts a permanent shadow on the face and the hair tends to grow back faster than other body hair. Five o’clock shadow is a problem that many men suffer from.

But now you can do something to remedy the situation with Hairfree Male Beard Hair Remover & Growth Inhibitor. This revolutionary product uses hair root bio-engineering to neutralise hair roots below the surface of the skin to provide long-term hair removal. Men finally have a product to stop hair growth. With regular weekly treatments over a period of four to six weeks you can dramatically reduce male facial hair.

Men can now have a smooth hair-free complexion with no more five o’clock shadow. Male waxing cannot

achieve this. Does laser treatment result in permanent hair removal for men? laser hair removal for men is not recommended for the face.

The cream is non-allergenic, free from side-effects and is easy to use. When applied to beard hair, the cream will dissolve hair above and below the skin. This removes visible signs of hair shafts and does not leave telltale black hair growth dots.

Hairfree is the only product to reduce men’s facial hair and stop hair growth by removing hair deep beneath the dermis layer and neutralizing the follicle to hide any signs of strong androgen-driven beard growth.

Key benefits

  • Get long-lasting freedom from unwanted beard hair
  • Results out-last those of laser or electrolysis hair removal
  • Removes beard hair from below the surface of the skin
  • The best men’s hair removal cream for facial use
  • Diminish the visible effects of strong beard growth
  • Eliminates five o’clock shadow and dark stubble
  • Hair root is effectively put to sleep for an extended period
  • Works like laser hair removal in a tube - without the pain!
  • Fast and effective hair removal for Indian men
  • Effective hair removal for Asian skin and black skin

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