Armpit hair - How to Get Rid of it Permanently Hair Free Hair Remover

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Armpit hair just keeps on growing! Picture the scene – you’re on a girly holiday or a night out with pals, you’re wearing your most stylish strappy top, and you’re just about to throw your arms in the air to get down to some dancing when… eek! You remember you haven’t shaved or waxed your armpit hair.

No excuse for having hairy armpits

There is no excuse.  There are loads of underarm hair removal options for us beauty-conscious women. You can try underarm waxing. Or you can have a go at shaving armpits. We can do underarm laser hair removal. WE can even try bleaching armpit hair.

Armpit hair - How to Get Rid of it Permanently Hair Free Hair Remover For many women this is a common problem. Armpit hair grows fast, and can go from barely-there to full-grown in a matter of days! If your hair is dark and stubbly, you probably prefer to get rid of it or hide it under a long sleeve top.

The problem with most of these armpit hair removal methods is that they are not permanent.  Fortunately, there’s an answer – Hairfree Body Hair Removal Cream. This product neutralises the follicles to stop underarm hair growth. It’s the only cream which is formulated for permanent results when used around the armpit area.

Hairfree works like laser hair removal – in a tube!

Armpit hair - How to Get Rid of it Permanently Hair Free Hair Remover The cream works to dissolve the protein structure of the hairs within the armpits, as well as penetrating down to the root and neutralizing it. Eventually,after a few weeks of use you will find the follicles will have shut down entirely. The growth of armpit hair will have slowed down so that the remaining hair is soft, thin vellus hair.

In the past, ladies have had to resort to a number of unpleasant ways of removing their armpit hair. Shaving is fast and efficient, but it’s only a short-term fix, and it can leave the armpits dry and uncomfortable. Waxing is painful and costly, while chemical bleaching agents often don’t work on hairs as thick as those growing under the arms.

There is, of course, IPL and laser hair removal surgery but they can be expensive and you’ll have to visit a salon a few times. Using lasers and hot pulses of light to remove hair can result in scarring or blistering if it’s not carried out by real experts – and that’s before we even get to talking about the huge cost, and the long clinic appointments that must be kept up until the hair is gone. Even then, there’s no guarantee that the hair is gone for good!

Hairfree offers a permanent solution to armpit hair removal

Hairfree Body Hair Removal Cream is offers a permanent solution, budget-friendly and simple way for women with hairy armpits. As you need to use the cream for a few weeks to fully treat hair follicles in all of the growth cycles you should consider buying a value pack of three tubes which is much cheaper than buying individual tubes. I recommend that you use the cream regularly every 4 – 7 days.  If your hair is thick, you might need to use more regularly such as every 3 – 4 days

Armpit hair - How to Get Rid of it Permanently Hair Free Hair Remover I have had good results from my own use of Hairfree. For me it has also cured my ingrown hair in armpit problem. So for the future, using Hairfree you should not have to worry about armpit hair or exposing your underarms again! Whether you’re partying on a night out, having fun around the pool or going to a festival or concert, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your underarms are hairless and smooth!


Shaving is difficult and can cause ingrown hairs. IPL lasers can burn. Safest way is to use a depilatory cream like Hairfree.