All about hair removal for transgender people

transgender hair removalThe good news about unwanted hair, of course, is that it can be removed. If you’re a transvestite needing hair removal, a crossdresser fed up with stubble shadow or anybody in the transgender community wanting hair removal, this article will help you tackle this difficult problem.

Victoria Regan is a writer and blogger for websites and magazines specialising in health regulations, beauty, skin care and medicines.
Victoria Regan is a writer and blogger for websites and magazines specialising in health regulations, beauty, skin care and medicines.

The bad news is that hair removal can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Most in the transgender community have tried every method going.  They’ve spent more time than most women smearing on depilatory creams, getting waxed at the beauty salon, and shaving.  There are problems with all three approaches. More more, you can leave a depilatory on just a few minutes too long and given myself painful burns that have taken days to heal.

Waxing is no picnic, either, as every trans person who’s tried it knows: It hurts, it’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and, if all of that weren’t enough, you have to wait until you have significant regrowth before waxing again. If you have pale skin and very dark hair, this is none too pretty. And then there’s shaving, a simple solution that hasn’t changed much since our grandmothers’ time, although marketers at razor companies are forever trying to convince us otherwise.

The problem of hairremoval for crossdressers, shemales, trannies, transsexuals, is that we all have coarse hair and that shaving only keeps our legs smooth for a day, at best—there’s 5 o’clock shadow for to deal with, unfortunately. The day after shaving, your legs are as scratchy as Brillo, and if you try to shave them again before the hair has grown out a little, you’ll get an angry red rash!

We tested scores of tools, creams, and waxes to devise a no-fail plan for fighting hairy situations.  All have their pros and cons.  But one answer is a new product from Japan called HairFree.

So a few months ago, I called my dermatologist and asked him about HairFree to get rid of the hair off my legs, once and for all. Short legs are good for this, he explained, simply because there’s less real estate.

What I forgot was that while waxing is painful and unpleasant, laser hair removal is positively excruciating. But HairFree is quite painless and has then same effect for just as long as laser treatment.

Vanity is a potent force. I don’t consider myself high-maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine: I never get manicures, but the truth is, we all have deficiencies in our appearance—real or imagined—that we will go to great lengths to address.
I now have what I consider to be less leg hair than a normal woman, the monkey legs of my past are but a distant memory!