Which hair removal method is the right one to solve your hair removal problems?

A Woman’s Guide to permanent hair removal Hair Free Hair Remover

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For many women, effective hair removal normally means permanent hair removal. There’s nothing more time consuming than having to depilate, shave or even undertake laser treatment for areas such as the arms, legs, bikini line and face. If you want to stop hair growth permanently then there is some good news at last – a hair follicle cream that delivers great results.A Woman’s Guide to permanent hair removal Hair Free Hair Remover

Here’s a quick beginners guide to all the other hair removal methods available:



It’s not exactly a solution to stop hair growth and used to be more popular in the past than it is now. Bleaching is used for the facial area and, if you have a little downy dark growth there, this might be the option that you choose. It basically lightens the problem area so that it’s less visible. Most women nowadays are looking for a more effective hair removal solution, hopefully one that is permanent.



Many women still get out the old shaver to make their legs nice and smooth, especially for a big night out. Depending on the quality of the razor you can indeed end up with silky skin but the effects will be short lived. Razors can give you a nick or two as well and take a fair amount of time to take care of your whole body and get rid of all the hair; even then you might miss some which can look unsightly if you are wearing a skirt and out on the town or going to a business meeting.

Home Epilation

Next up off the hair removal ranks is epilation which sounds painful and actually is. Many women see it as a cross between waxing and shaving but it’s effects in helping stop hair growth are really quite limited. Permanent hair removal may occur over time if the follicles are removed completely but most epilators tend to just snap the hair off which grows back quickly. You also have the same problem as with shaving when you miss a bit like the back of your legs or thighs.

A word of warning: epilators are extremely painful if used on the bikini area.


Waxing really needs to be carried out by a professional even though you can get home kits at a reasonable price. It’s far better way than shaving and epilating but it still doesn’t work as a permanent hair removal solution though you may find the hair getting finer over time. Many women use waxing not only for the bikini line but also for unwanted facial hair, though, of course, it will not prevent this area from growing back.


Sticking needles into the base of each hair seems a painful and time consuming process for many women and it’s not something to consider lightly. It has, in the past been a way to stop hair growth permanently particularly for the face but is also expensive and can take anything up to a few months for a small area to several years for larger problems. It works by passing an electric current through the hair follicle and can cause adverse reactions such as skin inflammation.


A Woman’s Guide to permanent hair removal Hair Free Hair Remover

Intense Pulsed Light hair removal has taken over from electrolysis in popularity as a method of permanent hair removal. This is a generally painless treatment where light of a certain frequency is fired at the hair follicle, gradually killing it off to stop hair growth. This normally needs to be carried out by a salon that has the right equipment and can be just as expensive and time consuming as electrolysis. Home IPL kits are attractive but largely useless and can cost several hundred dollars. Even in professional salons, though, success is not always guaranteed, particularly if you have light colored hair.

Depilatory Creams

Many hair removal creams on the market do a similar job to shaving or epilation and can give you a smooth skin but this is only temporary. Hair removal products of this type also don’t work that well on problem areas such as facial hair and can even in some cases cause skin problems and irritation because of the chemicals they use.

The Best Permanent Hair Removal Cream for Women

There is another way that a woman can get effective permanent hair removal for any part of her body and that’s with Hairfree Cream. This is specially developed and patented to work directly on the follicle of the hair, reducing its power to grow in the future. It’s quickly becoming the best hair removal method in the world because of number of factors:

  • First, it works and has been clinically proven to reduce hair and lead to permanent hair removal.
  • It’s not as costly as other more invasive treatments such as electrolysis and certainly not as painful as waxing.
  • It can be applied on any type of hair and will yield excellent results each time, leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky.
  • It will stop hair growth permanently which means you don’t have to worry about unsightly or unwanted hair ever again.
  • It’s the perfect permanent hair removal cream for you face, kind to your skin and helping to stop hair growth, giving you the confidence to be the woman you want to be.

Most women have tried some or all of the hair removal techniques outlined above but finding the right product or method is something of a problem. Now with Hair Free Cream you no longer have to worry whether you have the most effective permanent hair removal product because you’ll be able to see the results instantly. The great thing is you can try it out to see if it works for just a few dollars without having to commit to long term hair removal treatments like IPL or waxing.

If you want to stop hair growth in its tracks, Hair Free Cream is certainly worth a try.