The cheapest of them all is Hairfree simply because of a new ingredient that keeps you free of hair for years.

Cheapest hair removal methods Hair Free Hair Remover

Even though body hair is natural, modern society frowns upon too much facial hair, leg hair arm hair or hair virtually anywhere. Our current generation is attracted by smooth legs and armpits of celebrities and we try to imitate them. Having unwanted facial hair makes the situation worse for women.

Cheapest hair removal methods Hair Free Hair Remover

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Traditional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, threading, laser, electrolysis are either painful or expensive. After years of research and clinical experiments, Hairfree is created for people who are in need of affordable and permanent hair removal solution. Discover how Hairfree is the best way for hair removal. Read and you will realize why the existing hair removal methods are not perfect.

Plucking or Tweezing:

This is the oldest and cheapest method of hair removal. In this method, hairs are pulled out with the help of a metal forceps. This method is little painful and takes lot of time to complete the procedure since you have pluck each hair.

Imagine the time you have to spend, if you have large amount of unwanted hair and you are forced to pluck each one. If you have sensitive skin, hair plucking can cause inflammation.

Tweezing definitely causes ingrown hair (hair growing into the skin) instead of coming outside the surface) which leads to skin infection. Temporary red burns appear at the site of infection and cause embarrassment for you.

In contrast to tweezing, Hairfree permanently stops hair growth and it can work on dense hair effectively without causing infections.


It is the most popular method of hair removal for both sexes. It can be done quickly at home. Shaving remove only the top portion of the hair, so hair re growth is quick. Frequent shaving makes your skin rough and it is not recommended for regular use by women. Shaving may cause skin irritation, cuts and bumps. Shaving is effective only for 1 to 3 days. Hairfree gets rid of your unwanted hair permanently, without causing any cuts or bumps.


Waxing is cheaper than lasers, but it is very painful and uncomfortable. It is more painful for people with thick hair. Tiny red dot appear on the skin and they may take more than a week to heal whereas our product can be used on all skin and hair types without problem.

Waxing is a temporary solution. Even though hair is pulled along with roots, it does not last more than 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, hair starts to grow. You have to undergo the painful process again.

Waxing cannot be used on face because it makes face dark. If waxing is used to remove facial hair, you have to use sun block to prevent darkening of skin. But Hairfree can be used anywhere on the body, without causing damage to skin.

After Waxing, hair follicle is exposed to open air and it may cause bacterial infections. So anti bacterial oil or cream should be applied in the waxed area.

Waxing gives results only when the hair has grown at least 6mm.while using Hairfree you don’t need to wait for the hair to grow back.

Waxing is not recommended for diabetes patients, as their sensitive skin can get infected easily. Waxing is not possible on broken skin. Your waxed skin may get sunburn, if you go into sun directly after waxing.

If you want bikini waxing, you have to expose your private parts to a stranger and that is a humiliating experience for lot of people. Hairfree is the best way for removal of unwanted hair because it is painless, safe and you can do it at your home whenever you want.


It is an ancient hair removal technique which originated in the east. It is a cheap method. It is mainly used for facial hair removal and shaping of eyebrows. Threading should be done by a well trained expert and you cannot do it at home. This hair removal method lasts for 2 to 3 weeks and you have to book a session with the beautician again. But you can use Hairfree at our home in total privacy and you don’t need an expert to do it.


Lasers work on hair, which have melanin in them i.e. black hair. It means lasers gives best results only on black hair. They don’t give good results with other hair color. Some latest lasers may work on all types of hair, but they are very expensive. You will also experience redness on the skin due to swelling of hair follicle. Laser treatment cannot be completed within a single and you need to go for multiple sessions within a gap of 4-6 weeks. The cost of laser treatment is very high and it is available only to rich people. With Hairfree gets you rid of unwanted hair permanently within six weeks which is the time required to complete just one session of laser treatment. Now which is the safe, affordable and best way for hair removal? The answer is obvious.


Electrolysis has been round for more than 125 years. It removes unwanted hair permanently but it is expensive and time consuming form of hair removal. It has to be performed by a licensed professional; otherwise it causes damage to the skin. Like lasers, Electrolysis also require at least four sessions depending upon the hair growth. Electrolysis is not effective on areas with large hair growth and it is also painful. Hairfree can be used on skin with dense hair growth with very good results. For a fraction of the cost of electrolysis, you can become free of unwanted hair permanently.

Depilatory creams: 

Depilatory creams are easily available at grocery and drug stores and they are cheap. They act only on the surface level on the hair and don’t go deep into the skin. Depilatory creams are effective only for a couple of days. They are notorious for their bad odor. Depilatory creams are found to be ineffective on thick hair. Hairfree is not a temporary hair removal solution; it is the best way for hair removal permanently. Hair free kills the hair root and prevents hair growth.

What are you waiting for? Realize your dream of having a Hairfree body. Try Hairfree once and you will be amazed at the results.