5 Transgender Hair Removal Do’s and Dont’s

transgender hair removal

When deciding to embark upon total transgender hair removal it is important to do it correctly and to avoid the hidden pitfalls. Here are 5 do’s and dont’s to help you.

Nicola Espinosa is a writer focusing on health, family, relationship and sexual health matters.
Nicola Espinosa is a writer focusing on health, family, relationship and sexual health matters.

The following is a list of Five Popular Transgender Hair Removal Do’s and Dont’s which can make or break your hair removal ambitions.

1 – Do treat ingrown hairs in the right way

Good cleansing and exfoliating can help prevent new ingrown hairs, but what do you do about existing ingrown hairs? Do not shave over ingrown hairs or pick at them with a needle. You might create an infection which could lead to scarring. Hairfree can be successfully used to treat ingrown hairs. Instead, try Hairfree for full and effective hair removal for transgender people.

2 – Exfoliating can also cause ingrown hairs

All forms of hairremoval can cause ingrown hairs, especially in the beard, chest, and pubic areas. When carrying out transgender hair removal you must get this one right. Exfoliate your skin every day or at least 2-3 times per week so you can eliminate dead skin cells that trap the hair under your skin and cause ingrown hairs.

3 – Make sure you moisturise daily

Dry skin is another cause of ingrown hairs, so it’s important to always keep your skin moisturized. The best moisturizer to use immediately after hair removal is pure aloe vera gel. Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer and skin soother. Perfumed lotions can irritate freshly shaved, waxed, or lasered skin, so avoid them for the first 24 hours.

4 – DIY transgender hair removal

Professional waxing, electrolysis, and laser hair removal treatments are costly, so you might be tempted to do it yourself at home. Laser  hair removal at home for trans people is usually not successful as the devices are not as powerful as those used in a salon.

When it comes to transgender waxing at home be sure not to wax over the same area twice, pulling the hairs in different directions, or too hard. This can lead to rashes, bruises, and torn skin which is not the look you are trying to achieve! If you want to do it yourself get a couple professional waxing treatments first of all so you can see how its done.

5 – Don’t go for cheap remedies

When deciding which laser clinic to use ask beforehand if they specialise in transgender hair removal. Don’t let price be your deciding factor but go for the salon or clinic with best experience. Chasing on price alone could leave you with burns or scars. Make sure you double check the qualifications of the beautician and read the reviews on any place you are considering.

Last but not least, whichever method you decide is best for your full body transgender hair removal, take a look at the new Hairfree Transgender Hair Removal Pack.

This is a quick and easy home method which produces results every bit as good as expensive IPL laser hair removal. The results are long-lasting and the cost is a fraction of what you would pay in a salon or beauty clinic.