Rebecca Francis is a writer and blogger on health & beauty matters with a special interest in skin care and hair removal techniques for men and women

Many women want to be totally smooth and hair-free down there – that’s why Brazilian and Hollywood waxing has become so popular over the past few decades! But for strippers and erotic dancers, it’s even more important to ensure that there are no stray or ingrown hairs – it has an effect on their earnings as well as their confidence!

We visited six clubs in Las Vegas and spoke to the girls about which hair removal method was their preferred choice. We discovered that news about one brand in particular spread like wildfire and that brand has now become default choice for girls in the industry.


“Shaving was my go-to hair removal option when I first started stripping. It was fast and easy – I could take a disposable razor in my bag for touch-ups between shows. But with regular shaving, I quickly developed a bikini shaving rash and bumps – not exactly ideal when you’re dancing multiple shows a day!”


“After shaving I switched to waxing. The bikini razor bumps quickly died out, and the waxing results did last for a long time – but I just couldn’t handle the pain! Ripping hairs out of the follicle around your most intimate parts is agony for many ladies, and I quickly moved away from waxing as a result…”

Laser hair removal

“I tried laser hair removal after I’d been stripping for a while and managed to save up the funds – these treatments aren’t cheap! I booked into a reputable provider for a bikini line hair removal session to test the results. Unfortunately, my hair wasn’t dark or thick enough (probably down to the waxing!) for the laser treatment to have full effect. After the eight-week course I hadn’t seen much improvement – and having white-hot light pulsed down my follicles into my bikini line wasn’t particularly pleasant, either!”

Hairfree Hair Removal Cream

“At last! After shaving, waxing and trying out IPL treatment, I found Hairfree Hair Permanent Removal Cream, and it saved my stripping career. The cream dissolves the proteins in each strand of hair and gets right down to the follicle to shut it down over the course of about 8 weeks – the same as my laser treatment, but far more effective! Pubic hair removal was suddenly a breeze, and I could also use the cream on my legs, my underarms and my face! It’s been a miracle product for me – no razor bumps, no expensive treatments and best of all, no hair, ever! Once you’ve completed the treatment, the hairs never come back, so now I can enjoy a pristine bikini line every night without worrying about touch-ups or stray hairs.”