10 Myths About Hair Removal Hair Free Hair Remover

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There are some widespread myths about hair removal creams that people consider to be true. We have shed light on some of these myths to clear the doubts in your head.


Myth 1: Shaving Is The Best Hair Removal Method


People believe that shaving is the most efficient hair removal method. Indeed it can be done quickly, but the truth is that the hair growth will return within a day or two after shaving with a razor. With the Hair Free hair removal cream, you can have silky smooth skin for up to four weeks. This way, you will avoid the roughness that you get above the skin surface after shaving.


Myth 2: You Can’t Use Hair Removal Creams On Bikini Line


People are scared of using hair removal cream on the bikini line, thinking it can have adverse reactions. Yes, you should be careful with these areas but using hair removal cream is totally safe.


Myth 3: Exfoliating On The Day Of Hair Removal


You might believe that you should exfoliate your skin right before removing your body hair. However, exfoliating 24 hours before has proved to give optimum results.


Myth 4: Removing Body Hair Often Will Give You Thicker Hair


Regular and repeated hair removal actually makes the hair grow thinner and more refined over time. Hair Free cream does not affect the thickness of hair at all. You can enjoy long-lasting smoothness, and when your hair grows back, it won’t be thicker.


Myth 5: Sensitive-Skinned People Cannot Use Depilatory Creams


You do not have to worry about this myth at all. The formula of Hair Free does not contain any harsh elements. Therefore, it is safe to be used on all skin types. Our products are dermatologically tested. To ensure added safety, do a small patch test before applying the cream to your skin.


Myth 6: Alcohol-Based Products Should Be Used While Removing Hair


Avoid using alcohol-based products before, after, or during hair removal to ensure you don’t feel any skin irritation. Even using alcohol-based perfumes can cause inflammation and itchiness. Give yourself some time before applying any products that contain alcohol.


Myth 7: Maintaining Hair-Free Skin Is Not Easy


Keeping your skin luscious and smooth is way easier than you think. The hair removal process just takes a couple of minutes. With Hair Free, you can get smooth skin for weeks and enjoy soft and silky skin. Even the new hair will grow thinner and finer. You don’t have to worry about getting thicker hair growth.


Myth 8: Depilatory Creams And Razors Act The Same Way


Razors cut the hair above the skin, which leaves off a sharp stubble. It is not pleasant to touch, and the skin loses its hair-free smoothness very fast. On the contrary, you can achieve soft and smooth skin with depilatory creams. They remove the hair below the skin surface. Your hair regrows with rounded tips, which maintains the softness of the skin.


Myth 9: Waxing Products Are Safe For Everyone


Waxing is not safe for many people, such as the elderly, diabetes patients, and pregnant women, as it can cause bruising. Therefore, it is recommended to use hair removal creams to be on the safe side. It’s better to take precautions rather than fall prey to any injuries.


Myth 10: Hair Removal Creams Can Darken The Skin


Another common myth is that hair removal can make it dark in the areas where it is used often. With good quality products such as Hair Free creams, you do not have to worry about any such thing.

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