HairFree No.1 – hailed as the best new hair removal products to come on the market for 25 years.

hairFree - best hair removal product

Better than laser hair removal, electrolysis hair removal and ipl hair removal.

HairFree No.1 replicates the effects of these professional salon hair removal methods in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

This easy to use wipe-on-wipe-off cream removes hair and kills the roots to prevent future growth.

HairFree No.1 of is one of a new generation of hair removal creams that has benefitted from  three and a half years of research into hair root bio-engineering. 

It has taken researchers three and a half years to develop the technology which enables HairFree No.1 to modify the growing behaviour of hair roots, resulting, for the first time, in a long-term cessation of hair growth.

Cell division is responsible for the hair growth cycle. The new cells push the hair forward to make it grow longer, so the new hair is added at the root.

By bio-engineering the cells in the matrix bulb of the hair root to replicate the cell activity found at the onset of male pattern baldness, scientists have suceeded in halting hair growth.

By introducing new genetic instructions to the matrix, the follicle is programmed to neutralize the hair root and stop further growth activity.

This discovery, together with the unique transdermal delivery technique which enables HairFree permanent hair remover to be efficiently delivered to the hair root, is changing the beauty regime of millions of men and women.

For the first time a product is available which modifies the growth activity of the hair root, but without damaging the skin or causing pain to the patient.

HairFree Clinical Trial

Dr Shibata, MD., Dr T. Saito, MD., J. L. Ueda.

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Most methods of hair removal provide only temporary relief from hair growth. Only laser treatment offers long term cessation. One solution is to replicate the effects male pattern baldness on the hair root using a safe, topically applied product.

To neutralize each hair root for an extended period of time to prevent hair continually growing. Nagoya Life Sciences has been able to show in this double-blind study, that repetitive applications of HairFree™ reduces hair density and slows growth.

The active ingredients consisted of Nagoya Life Sciences Growth Shield Factor, GSF 2.0 with the addition of Mercaptoacetic Acid to dissolve surface hair and enable active ingredients to reach the hair root. Transdermal delivery techniques transport the actives to the hair root and affect matrix bulb cell activity.

A total of 68 participants, 46 female and 22 male between the ages of 23 and 67 years, completed the trial. Six participants did not complete the trial for personal scheduling reasons. Participants were randomly split into two groups. Half were given HairFree™ and half were given a placebo consisting of a moisturizing cream. This was applied at weekly intervals for four weeks on the same day over the trial period of 90 days.

Participants returned every week for measurement and evaluation. The following significant differences could be observed between HairFree™ treated areas and placebo treated areas of skin. An overall decrease in hair density on areas treated with HairFree™ of +/- 25% every week was measured using a Cross-Section Trichometer over one square centimeter of skin x 100 (mm2/cm2 x 100). Participants also noted a reduction in hair thickness during the trial.

At the conclusion of the 30 day study an overall decrease in hair density on HairFree™ treated areas was +/- 93% measured using a Cross-Section Trichometer. HairFree™ has been shown to be a safe and effective method for progressively stopping hair root growth.

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hairfree consumer user trial

HairFree hair remover product review and consumer trial

Trial demonstrates effect of HairFree Patent Pending ingredient for removing hair and reducing hair growth

This study of 163 participants used the product at weekly intervals and the results were recorded over a six week period.  The  trial demonstrated very positive results for hair removal and for decommissioning hair root activity resulting in cessation of new hair growth in four key areas: face, upper lip, legs, underams. The study will now be repeated to reinforce the original findings and assess the longer term consumer benefits of HairFree.

The results showed that over 91% of the respondents agreed that the product accumulatively reduced growth of new hair either ‘ well’ or ‘very well’ in the four areas tested. 93% agreed that the product stopped hair growth and left their skin feeling soft and smooth after use and 98% ‘strongly disagreed’ or ‘disagreed’ that the product did not have the effect of reducing hair growth in the four key areas.

HairFree is produced using a patent-applied-for process which uses the compound GSF 2.0 (Growth Shield Factor 2.0) to allow transdermal absorption to the follicle of the compound and help reduce the concentration of nutrients necessary for hair roots to thrive.

Senior survey coordinator Amrita Jayanti commented “The effect of reducing hair root activity and therefore long term hair growth has been found to be very positive. The data for reduction of new hair growth is better than expected within the period tested.

The progressive weekly reduction in the number of hairs detected on the skin was an improvement on previous trials and the data more significant.  These results added to previous data strongly indicate the ability of HairFree to affect hair root growth activity long term and achieve hair loss, typically to the face, legs and arms which can be registered as a permanent hair loss.”

The trial has demonstrated that the effects of using HairFree can be better than electrolysis and laser hair removal and ipl hair removal as does not carry the risk of scarring or skin trauma associated with salon hair removal.

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