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HairFree permanent hair removal cream for men

Permanently get rid of embarrassing male body hair in 30 – 45 days. Male hair removal from your face, chest, arms, legs, groin and back has never been easier! 

hair removal cream for men

  • Get rid of hard-to-shave beard growth
  • Kills the hair root just like a laser hair removal
  • Save money on laser hair removal for men
  • Alternative to waxing treatment for men
  • Ideal solution for transgender hair removal
  • The preferred system used by bodybuilders
  • Ideal solution for back hair removal for men

The new hair removal option for men:

39% of our customers are men! Hair removal for men has never been easier! HairFree is the first of a new generation of hair removal products which can truly liberate men from the embarrassment of excessive body hair.

Repeat applications of HairFree over 30 – 45 days kills the hair root at the Anagen (growth phase) of the hair growth cycle, preventing future growth taking place.

As the effects of using HairFree are similar to laser hair removal you can replace costly and time-consuming salon vists by switching to HairFree. If it’s chest hair removal or neck hair removal then HairFree is the ideal cost effective solution that you can use at home.

Even thick, dense facial hair will respond to treatment of HairFree and give you smooth stubble-free skin for many years. When treating tough, male beard hair, you will need to apply the product over a longer period to achieve lasting results.

Back hair removal for men

Thousands of men are opting for that smooth ‘metrosexual’ look, not only because some women prefer men with less body hair but because fashion trends increasingly show men with smooth hair-free skin. Back hair removal for men has previously been done by laser hair removal, ipl hair removal or electrolysis.  HairFree gives you silky-smooth skin without burning or skin trauma which laser hair removal can inflict.

For back hair removal you will need the help of a willing partner to apply the right amount of cream in the right areas that can’t easily be reached doing it yourself.

Brazilian waxing for men

Waxing for men is an embarassing and painful experince and many would rather not make a visit to a salon to have their most personal of possessions examined by a complete stranger.

Check out our section for further reading on the physical and medical benefits of hair-free sex. Most couples would agree that that going ‘bare down there’ gives a heightened sex experience.

HairFree permanent hair removal cream is safe to use on and around the penis and genitals but NOT on any sensitive membrane areas.  The smooth finish obtained with HairFree is achieved because hair is removed above and below the surface of the skin.

Easy ‘at home’ hair removal for men

Hair removal for men poses different problems to that faced by women. Male body hair is stronger, thicker, denser and grows more profusely on more parts of the body.

HairFree has been formulated to deal with these differences. Clinical trials on men with contrasting types of hair color and thickness, ie, blond to black, light to heavy, has shown that once hair has been treated with the correct number of applications the hair roots remain dormant for many years.

Many many are hesitant to go public with their desire to be hair-free. HairFree has been formulated for easy of use and effectiveness. This simple wipe-on-wipe-off cream has changed men’s perceptions about hair removal as the task can now be effectively carried out in the privacy of their own bedroom.

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